We’re on a mission to help change the course of climate change. We strive to be mindful in everything we do, even if it’s as simple as composting an apple core. But in order to really make an impact it’s important to think bigger.

We've started by setting lofty goals

Our sustainability mile markers—each inspired by the idea that what we make can actually help people live more sustainably. These goals, and how we plan to achievethem, are outlined below.

98% of our products from sustainable materials by 2024

We set this goal in 2018. At the time 3% of our line met the sustainable product criteria that we use today, which is a minimum of 50% recycled, renewable, or organic material. As of the summer of 2022, about 80% of our products meet or exceed this standard. And every season we’re getting closer to the target. This matters because our greatest opportunity to decrease our impact is in how we make our products. As we move towards more sustainable design, we refuse to compromise on performance and durability. All of our products carry a lifetime warranty, and include free in-house repairs.

Eliminate single use plastic and virgin forest fibers from our packaging by 2025

Packaging is important; it protects the product through the distribution and shipping process and keeps our gear pristine until it gets to you. But once this job is done packaging becomes waste, which nobody feels good about. So, our team is working hard to minimize how much we use and implement only the most sustainable packaging solutions. We’ve made some significant progress already:

We’re working hard to solve a tough challenge – how to safeguard your new gear, but with packaging that doesn’t last 500 years. Today, our products are shipped in polybags made from 100% recycled content, with many styles roll-and-tied so that we use the least amount of plastic possible. This lets us reduce impacts, with only some wrinkling as an occasional side effect. A quick wash will permanently remove any wrinkling, and the plastic can go right in your recycling bin for another lap. And we’ll keep working toward a future where your gear arrives without plastic packaging at all.

Reach net positive as a business by 2025 (1/2)

Carbon Neutrality. It’s what we all want. We are striving to reach this benchmark, and with it the freedom to carry on with our lives without negatively impacting our future. Until we reach this goal, we're dealing with the reality that our daily activities do create emissions by putting our energy into strategies to reduce our impact.

Reach net positive as a business by 2025 (2/2)

To reduce our impact, we are committed to using less oil in how we do business and we are well on the way to making 90% of our products with sustainable materials by 2022. But there is only so much you can save, we need to change the way we live. In thinking about how we can inspire and empower more people, using bikes for everyday mobility is the obvious answer. Taken a step further, if we use our expertise and passion to help more people use their bikes to get around, could our company actually be net positive for the climate? We think so. In fact, we’ve set a target to be net positive by 2025.

Fortunately for all of us

Part of the solution to living more sustainably can be to do more of what we love. Not only do bikes make us feel great, they’re also the most efficient form of transportation on the planet. We’ve shifted our apparel offerings beyond pure performance and we are focusing our advocacy efforts on improving access to bikes and cycling infrastructure. If we can inspire enough people to go by bike instead of by car, we can truly have a positive impact on the climate.

Our drive towards sustainability is powered by our social purpose

To find our more about why this is important to us, visit our Social Purpose page here.