In 1964 PEARL iZUMi was started by one man with a penchant for experimenting and a vision for what cycling apparel could become. Since then, we’ve hung onto that vision and have experimented tirelessly to innovate and refine our products. Our team of engineers and designers are committed to offering you the best technical gear to outfit your adventures. We have deep roots but we’re always looking forward.

Systems technology


BioViz is a proprietary hi-visibility system designed to increase rider visibility for drivers by leveraging human biology. We employ a unique combination of fluorescent colors and strategically placed reflective elements that demand the viewer’s attention. Our standards ensure riders are not only seen but seen with enough time for drivers to react safely, day or night.


In 1983, we made the first synthetic chamois and forever changed cycling apparel. Since then, we’ve been on a mission to continue innovating where it matters most. Our top-end chamois technology sets a new bar for performance-minded riders, and we apply the same thinking and quality standards to all price points because everyone should ride in comfort.

Fabric technology


Barrier fabrics provide lightweight, breathable wind protection. Combined with a durable water repellent (DWR) technology, they offer enough water shedding performance to protect you from brief rain showers, with better packability and breathability than a truly waterproof fabric.


Transfer fabrics are made with technical fibers designed to transport perspiration away from the body, promoting faster evaporation and helping you stay cool and dry. Perfect for warm to hot days and against the skin as part of a layering system for cooler conditions.


WxB fabrics are designed for consistent rain. They use waterproof/breathable membranes combined with taped seams to create a watertight seal yet still allow water vapor and warm air to escape, so you are less likely to overheat or feel chilled from sweat. These fabrics are combined with a durable water repellent (DWR) technology to shed precipitation.


Ideal for winter or cool-wet conditions, AmFIB softshell fabrics combine breathable protection from wind and water with lofted fibers to retain body heat. While these fabrics provide substantial moisture protection, they emphasize breathable insulation and are not fully waterproof. Garments made with AmFIB provide consistent comfort through a range of cool-to-cold conditions so you can minimize layering adjustments.


Our Thermal fabrics provide consistent warmth during aerobic riding activity. They use lofted moisture-moving technical fibers to retain warm air while encouraging perspiration to evaporate, so you stay dry and feel warmer. Garments made with Thermal fabrics can be worn as an outer layer for cool conditions or as a mid-layer on the coldest days.


GoFresh provides odour control by helping to prevent bacteria growth in fabrics during and after exercise. We use only natural anti-bacterial tech or natural fiber blends, so the fabrics are safe for your skin and the planet. After your ride, just hang the GoFresh garment to dry, and it will be ready for at least one more lap before you wash. Ride more, wash less.


In-R-Cool technology helps keep you in the comfort zone when the mercury rises so that you can perform better in hot conditions. In-R-Cool boosts the natural cooling properties of our technical Transfer fabrics beyond simple sweat evaporation without changing the look or texture.

Pi Dry

PI Dry technology provides water shedding performance at the fiber level, allowing us to create knit and woven fabrics that repel water regardless of how much they stretch. Water rolls off, keeping you warmer, drier, and lighter. And the best part is, it lasts longer than DWR’s, delivering full performance even after 100 washes.


D3O offers the most minimal yet most advanced MTB protection against impact. Guards using D3O remain flexible until impact, then firm up to disperse the energy of the blow. The body contoured design makes D3O guards comfortable to wear all day. Made for riders who want to push their limits.

Polartec Alpha

Polartec Alpha active insulation is engineered to deliver consistent warmth while allowing greater breathability during aerobic activities like cycling. Designed to regulate comfort in changing conditions, these fabrics also feel great next to the skin.

Polartec Neoshell

Polartec Neoshell provides the performance of waterproof fabric while still allowing dynamic air exchange. Unlike traditional waterproof/breathable membranes, Neoshell is breathable before you begin to overheat, making it ideal for cycling.

Polartec Delta

Polartec Delta is a next-to-skin fabric that better utilizes the body’s natural cooling process—sweat. It works more efficiently by elevating touch-points for increased airflow, faster moisture dispersal, and reduced wet-cling. Ideal for hot weather riding.

PrimaLoft Gold

PrimaLoft Gold with cross-core technology is constructed with ultra-light aerogel particles, the lightest material on earth. This insulation allows us to create garments with unmatched thermal performance without the bulk.