Over the weekend at Velofollies in Belgium, we had an exhilarating experience showcasing our brand. The standout moments included a captivating live interview with Jan Bakelants and Ruben Van Gucht on Saturday, drawing a significant crowd to our booth during the live interview, over 100 people gathered around!

Our track stand contest soared with around 500 participants. Winners received prizes, and every participant got exciting gadgets, adding to the buzz around our booth.

The footwear section was a major draw, displaying a variety of pairs and sizes for attendees to try on. The positive response solidified it as a key highlight. And exciting news, our event promotion surpassed expectations, prompting us to extend the excitement with a 30% discount on our footwear collection. Use code VF30 at checkout; offer valid until the month's end (31/01).

Initial feedback on Custom has been exceptionally positive. Stay tuned for more details coming soon! Let's not forget our SS24 collection. Carefully curated, the selection showcased our commitment to quality and innovation. Attendees had the opportunity to explore and appreciate our new collection coming soon.

Velofollies was a phenomenal experience, with each aspect contributing to its success. The vibrant atmosphere and unity of the cycling community fuel our anticipation for the next edition. Stay tuned for more cycling adventures and get #ReadyToBreakAway.

Watch a small recap here: https://www.instagram.com/reel/C2c5iRYMdhz/

January 25, 2024