Cycling hypnosis.

The sound of tarmac & tires.

Your own breakaway.

To separate oneself from a larger crowd or group

Cyclists are predestined to break away. This neverending urge is fueled by the freedom their two-wheeled companion offers, being soaked up by the ever-changing surroundings and the freeing sensation of looking at everyday life from afar.

At PEARL iZUMi, we know how inspiring and empowering these adventures can be. How freeing it is to break free from all distractions and to enjoy the sheer focus on your legs, your bike and your direct surroundings. It's just part of our shared DNA.

That's why we want to do everything we can to support you on your bike rides, short and long, by providing you with just the right gear. Let us take care of the tiniest details of your outfits, so you can take in the stunning details the scenery has to offer.

Meet our athletes & ambassadors

Our athletes come from wildly diverse backgrounds and have equally diverse plans and goals for the upcoming season. The common thread that ties them all together is the way in which they engage with their respective communities and give back to the cycling community at large.

Jan Bakelants

Jan Bakelants is a former professional road cyclist between 2009 and 2022 but gained fame even before turning pro, as the winner of the Tour de l'Avenir. He also donned the coveted yellow jersey in the 2013 Tour de France after beating the bunch on the isle of Corsica. Both during and after his active career, Jan has been frequently invited as a pundit in cycling talk shows and live broadcasts of various cycling races.

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