True dedication isn’t necessarily about competing in cycling races, it’s about constantly wanting to improve and challenging yourself. Whether you’re training for a specific event or you’re chasing new personal records, our Attack collection embodies the mindset you’ll need to up the pace. Always be on the front foot and go for an all-out ATTACK.


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Womens Attack Shortsleeve Jersey
€80,00 EUR
BlackFiery CoralBallerinaTwilight SpectralHighrise Spectral+ 2 de plus
Womens Attack Air Jersey
€120,00 EUR
Screaming Yellow GradientAir Blue GradientCactus Flower Gradient
Attack Shortsleeve Jersey
€80,00 EUR
BlackTwilightRed DahliaHighriseTwilight SpectralBlack Spectral+ 3 de plus
Attack Short
€85,00 EUR
BlackBlack/Screaming YellowTwilight
Maillot thermique Attack
€100,00 EUR
Rouge criardÉpicéa foncé/feu de soleilSunfire
Maillot Attack femme
€55,00 EUR €110,00 Offre
Dark SpruceOcean Blue EncoreCorail flamboyant CarreraChaise Heirloom/Nightfall+ 1 de plus

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